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About Us

Since 1986, Ackerman's Uniforms has grown from a small shop in our garage to one of America's Premier Manufacturer of one-piece uniforms. Our uniforms are made exclusively in the United States (Portland Oregon, to be exact), not some foreign off-shore company. We provide uniforms for...

  • The Highway Patrol
  • Fish and Wildlife Enforcement
  • Fire Districts
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Fire Safety
  • SWAT
  • Corrections
  • K-9
  • Animal Control
  • Private Security and Transportation personnel

Ackerman's Uniforms is committed to providing uniforms with best-in-class performance and outstanding value. The Perfect Uniform is one that offers the best fit in its class for performance and provides consistently better appearance with superior workmanship and construction. We are committed to research and development in the ongoing quest to improve fabrics and designs. ACKERMAN'S UNIFORMS is able to custom make a style to fit your needs and ship your order to you extremely fast. All of this is done to provide an affordable uniform that you can feel proud to wear. The Best Company is one who strives to produce the products for you when you need it. This puts the burden on us to constantly strive to produce the right goods, partner with the best suppliers and anticipate your needs. Our philosophy has always been one of dedication to its customers. This core corporate value has enabled ACKERMAN'S UNIFORMS to become one of the largest manufacturers and providers of professional uniform apparel on the West Coast.